Monday, December 8, 2008

Poplar Grove event video and documents now online

The video of the November 24 presentation on the Poplar Grove Project is now available in its entirety online:

Click at the bottom of the page on the "Visit Washington College" button, and then you will see a link to the Poplar Grove event under "Featured topics."

This is the event at Washington College at which all the members of the Poplar Grove Project team presented some of their discoveries from the summer's work. The video is divided into chapters for each part of the presentation to make it easier to view.

Some 4,000 pages of the Poplar Grove Papers (out of an estimated 30,000), spanning the 17th through the 20th centuries, are now available online for anyone to view. Thanks to the stellar efforts of the student research team and to Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse and his staff at the Maryland State Archives, these documents literally went "from attic to Internet" in less than six months.

The papers are available to the public on the State Archives website, here:

Click on "Collection inventory" at the bottom of the page to reach a list of series arranged by topics/dates. Then click on the series numbers to view images of individual pages. There is no detailed index as of yet, but the work continues. Researchers are also welcome to use the collection in person at the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis.