Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Television coverage ... and more finds

A couple of the stories that ran last night and tonight about Poplar Grove (click the links to view in new windows):

Fox 45 News (Baltimore)

ABC-2 News (Baltimore)

WJZ Eyewitness News (Baltimore)

There's some nice footage in the Fox report of Olivia Wood, one of the research team who also happens to be an Emory descendant, talking about her ancestors. It also shows the team making some new discoveries inside a trunk that we'd thought held only mouse-eaten fragments.

The ABC-2 report has some great commentary by Dr. Papenfuse, and also features some passages from Robert Emory's journal of his voyage to the Indian Ocean in 1838, which we discovered in the house. (Young Robert died at the age of 28, just a few years after returning from his voyage ... and is buried in the family cemetery at Poplar Grove.)

The WJZ one, shorter than the others, also features the mouse-chewed tidbits, as well as some apparently original news footage of Civil War battles. (Warning: it is also preceded on the website by a urology ad.)

What the TV footage doesn't show is what happened after the crews left yesterday. We did a final sweep through the house to make sure we hadn't missed any documents ... and were rewarded with three Tilghman family bibles from the 18th century (complete with handwritten genealogies) , a 19th-century herbarium preserving pressed specimens of plants, and a very rare pocket atlas of canals and railroads from 1835. (Abbie, who discovered that one, will be blogging more about it later, and sharing photos of the find.)

More to come ...

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